Worried About Asbestos on Your Property?

Turn to us for asbestos remediation services in the Dallas, TX area

Asbestos was once an extremely popular material used in a wide variety of building components. If you own a property that was built prior to the 1980s, you could have dangerous asbestos hiding in plain sight. Trust the experts at Headstrong Environmental Services in Dallas, TX to lend a hand with our asbestos remediation services. We can properly handle your asbestos so you won't have to put yourself at risk.

You can choose to have us repair or remove any asbestos-containing materials. These materials can include:

Shingles | Siding | Lead-based paint | Carpet | Insulation

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Pick the right plan for your needs

When it comes to handling asbestos, there are three main approaches we can take. These are:

  • 1. Asbestos encapsulation: We'll apply a special sealant to trap the asbestos fibers and prevent them from being released.
  • 2. Asbestos enclosure: By covering the asbestos with a protective material, we'll trap the fibers so they can't get into the air.
  • 3. Asbestos removal: Our team will get rid of any asbestos-containing materials on your property.

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