Recovering From a Recent Flood?

We provide Mold Removal services in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas

A flood can cause severe water damage to your home or business. Not to mention that all the extra moisture could result in a serious mold problem. That's why at Headstrong Environmental Services, we offer comprehensive mold removal and remediation services.

Our team can help you with any moisture and flood damage issues. If you're worried about mold, we can check for it with our mold testing services. Should we find any mold, we'll quickly and safely get rid of it for you.

Reach out to us to get a mold removal and remediation service for your property in the Dallas, TX area.

Get rid of mold for good

When you have a mold problem, it's important to let our professional team handle it. That's because we can:

  • Determine what is causing the problem
  • Ensure it doesn't spread anymore
  • Completely get rid of it

Plus, our team is fully certified by the IICRC and licensed by the state of Texas to perform mold remediation.

Worried you may have a mold problem? Call us today at 469-441-2630 to book a mold testing service.